LCRE UTV Rentals Yuma Arizona


Lower Colorado River Excursions (LCRE) is committed to providing you with safe and reliable rental UTVs, so you may experience the very best off-road adventures Yuma AZ has to offer. We have staff with an unparalleled dedication to your safety and enjoyment. When you call or check in, we talk to you, and we answer all of your questions before, during and after your rental. Your UTV adventure should be an awesome experience, and that’s as important to us, as it is to you!

Do we need a reservation? Can we walk-in?

We definitely suggest an online reservation, so that you get exactly what you want when you ride with us. A online reservation also helps us make sure we have everything ready for you before you arrive. This includes your paperwork, fuel, cooler with bottled water and ice and more.

You are more than welcome to walk-in as well as call in, or book online for a same day reservation (must be 2 hrs in advance). We ask that you keep in mind we may have limited availability or longer wait times to ensure that the people who have reservations are taken care of. Our staff will do their best to get you in and out as fast as possible if you decide to ride.

How old do you have to be to rent a UTV?

Anyone over the age of 21 with a valid driver’s license can rent any of our base model units. Anyone old enough to not need a car seat can ride in our vehicles to accompany you on your adventure. Sadly, because these are rentals all drivers MUST be under the renter’s supervision and 21 or older to drive, even if they have a license. It is a huge liability for anyone under 21 to drive the rentals.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel 72 hours prior to your reservation, you will receive a full refund and no penalty. We do understand that things happen, but unfortunately if you find that you are under 72 hours and need to cancel for ANY reason, we will not be able to offer a refund at that time and are not able to make exceptions to this policy. However, we can issue a gift card/credit that can be used for a ride in the future. If you need to reschedule or make changes, we will do our best to accommodate your request depending on our availability. 

All cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent to Please include your booking number, first and last name as well as your contact information.

Do we have to place deposits? How long does it take for them to be released?
  • Yes, at the time of your self-guided rental we will place a $1500 damage deposit hold PER VEHICLE on your credit card, you may use a alternate card for the hold. 
  • Guided Tour rentals require a deposit of $500 damage deposit hold PER VEHICLE on your credit card, you may use a alternate card for the hold.
  • If you opted to have a GPS unit for a self guided UTV rental, and you damage or lose it, your full deposit will be used to replace it. Any additional costs to repair your UTV that exceed the damage deposits, you and your insurance company will be held responsible to pay the difference. 

These funds do have to be available as well or the card will be declined. While this may seem like a large amount, please understand that these are new units, and this is a higher risk activity. As long as you drive with care you will have this released back to you immediately upon your return. We ask that you allow at least 2-3 business days for this to process with your credit card company. Most people never see this hit their statement, but it just depends on your credit card company. Please allow additional processing time on weekends and holidays or if you are using a Debit Card.

Are the UTVs easy to drive?

Yes, they have automobile style controls and automatic transmissions, which makes driving the trails a breeze.

Do we have to wear goggles or helmets?

Yes, helmets are required by us. You are more than welcome to bring your own DOT approved helmet if you already have your own. Bicycle helmets are not acceptable, but 3/4 and 1/2 motorcycle helmets are acceptable as long as they are DOT certified. Eye protection is also required. We provide many sizes of full helmets with full visors for each rental.

Can children go?

Kids are welcome to ride along and love the adventure. Helmets and eye protection are required, which we provide to you at no additional cost. Young children requiring car seats are not permitted to ride in our vehicles at any time. All passengers must be able to sit comfortably with feet firmly planted, back against the seat back rest, and be able to grasp the handholds. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Are you pet friendly?

Absolutely! Many people take their furry friends on the trails. Do keep in mind that Yuma has rough terrain, and the experience may not be suitable for your pet. Some people take their smaller pets on their lap, and people with larger pets take vehicles with additional seats. Because of the terrain we do not allow them being in the bed of the vehicle for safety. Arizona has a leash law and remember it is against the law to leave your pets in a vehicle for extended amounts of time at any time of the year (Running or not). Please make sure if you are unable to take your pet, that you make accommodations for them as they are not available at our location.

What if I am a beginner?

There are nearby trails to fit everyone from novices to advanced enthusiasts.

Do you offer guided UTV tours?

Definitely! Our guides are experts at what they do and are quite familiar with the areas they guide you through. Our UTVs have GPS and group location and map sharing. The GPS maps are easy to follow, and you always know where your group is, plus the UTV vehicles are plain fun to drive. We do our best to ensure a safe and fun experience for all of our visitors. You won’t be disappointed when you take the wheel for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime. Guided tours allow you to meet new friends, possibly enjoy a picnic, even take a hike in the Painted Desert Trail Loop.

Do you offer hourly UTV rentals?

The short answer is no. With the distance and location of many sites, you are not really able to accomplish or see much in an hour. We suggest, if time is short, that you choose a half day rental (4 hours). You won’t regret it!

How early should I arrive for my reservation? What if I am late?

On the day of your reservation, we suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes early for your check-in. Our process for this is pretty simple but coming early will give you plenty of time to get checked in, watch mandatory Polaris Safety Video, ask questions, get your maps/gear, walkaround your UTV vehicle, and take a bathroom break before you depart. This prevents your check-in from cutting into your ride time as well. We ask that you have your entire group gathered and together before you start this process in order to create a better experience for everyone. This helps our staff not have to repeat or cover information more than once and ensures everyone in your group is on the same page.

Unfortunately, if you arrive late for your reservation you will cut into your ride time. Our units often go out multiple times a day and need to be back to our location by a certain time. Therefore, we are not able to offer extensions in time or a discount if you are late for your check-in. Please make sure to account for travel time and any traffic you might encounter.

If you return your rental late, a late fee will be assessed @ $150.00 per half hour until the vehicle is returned, unless prior authorization was received.

Do I have to purchase insurance?

No, we have included liability coverage within your rental costs. But you will need to show proof of insurance for your personal vehicle. Tire coverage is automatically included in the cost, so if you have basic tire issues on the trail, such as a puncture in the immediate tread area, you are covered. Sidewall punctures/damage and any UTV damage due to recklessness or neglect will be deducted from your damage deposit.

What if it rains?

At Lower Colorado River Excursions (LCRE) we go rain or shine. Under rare circumstances BLM will close down certain trails to preserve them, which is out of our control. Most times there are still plenty of trails to keep you busy even if the weather is wet. We suggest keeping an eye on the weather before your ride, so you are prepared, we do experience flash floods. It is Arizona, but remember here in Yuma we still get occasional rain, as well as extreme heat in the Summer. We do not provide rain ponchos, if it is raining, you will get wet and muddy. During the cooler months there are various hats, gloves, and sweaters for sale in the Fisher’s Landing store.

Just come dressed for the occasion, whether it is cold and wet, or hot and sunny, you will have loads of fun!

Will there be enough to keep me busy?

The real question here is; Will you have enough time to see everything?! Here in Yuma, we have hundreds of miles available to us for trail riding. Many people wonder if a Half Day Rental is enough time to see the Sonoran Desert around Yuma. In a Half Day Rental, you can cover many of our most popular trail areas. For many people this is plenty of seat time and works well for the time they have to spend in Yuma. When riders return, they almost ALWAYS wish they had done a Full Day Rental. We suggest that if you can fit it into your itinerary that you book a Full Day rental. Either way, you will NOT be disappointed.

Do you offer a military discount?

While we do not offer a monetary discount, if you call to book a reservation. we will extend your time an extra 30 minutes. Thank you for your service.

Where are the UTV trails located?

The majority of UTV trails accessible to LCRE are located in or near the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Imperial National Wildlife Refuge and various portions of Yuma County, as well as trails on a portion of the AZ Peace Trail and select trails adjacent to the Yuma Proving Grounds.

How do we get to the UTV trails from your location?

Our UTV rentals are equipped with the latest in GPS guidance. All of our vehicles are registered and insured to be street legal, so no need to worry about getting to a nearby trail. We will give you verbal instruction too, you can head directly to the trails right from our parking lot! These vehicles are safe on the main roads and are able to go the posted speed limits. Enjoy all the beautiful scenery as you make your way to the trails, all of which are about 10 minutes away from our location.

Is there wildlife for us to see?
Yes, almost every conceivable form of desert wildlife can be observed at any given time. Please note that under no circumstances are you allowed to get out of your UTV and approach or disturb the wildlife in any way. Many of them are protected species and some can cause severe bodily harm, and more. Do not chase wildlife or drive on any single pathways that are utilized by the area wildlife. Respect the wildlife and their property and they will respect you. When you’re riding trails, wildlife can and will run out in front of you, keep your eyes on the road at all times, be prepared.
Is it safe?

This is a VERY safe activity for all ages. We encourage everyone to wear their helmets and seatbelts at ALL times. As long as you are here to enjoy a self-guided “sightseeing tour” you shouldn’t encounter any issues. We provide everything you need to have a safe adventure with us such as helmets and head socks. Just follow the marked trails, watch for oncoming traffic, and follow designated trail/road speeds; that’s all there is to having a safe time on the trails. Don’t worry – these trails aren’t boring, and you’ll wish you had more time!

If anything happens out on the trail, we will send help right away! Do not attempt to perform any types of repairs on your own. Serious damage to the vehicle could occur and you will be held liable.

DO NOT under any circumstance attempt to carry fuel cans on your UTV! Doing so is an extreme fire hazard and is not permitted at all.

DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE you are subject to all Arizona Driving Rules and Laws. NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!

What happens in the event of an incident?

Anything mechanical with the vehicle that could occur is covered by LCRE as long as it isn’t due to negligence. As long as you drive the vehicle as instructed your ride should go smooth! Always make sure you are in the correct gear and stop when you are shifting from one to the other. Should you experience any trouble with your vehicle call or text us right away! We will get a mechanic on their way lickity-split to repair or bring you a new vehicle and get you back on your way! All of our units are in tip top shape, and breakdowns are not common, but do happen from time to time.

While there usually aren’t any issues so long as you are here for the scenery and not to drive recklessly, 99% of people find that they place their deposit, and it is immediately released back to them when they return (plus bank processing times which may vary). Unfortunately, as with many activities…things happen. No one ever anticipates having an accident on the trails, but these types of things are typically caused by high speeds, donuts, fishtailing, following too closely, improper wheel placement, racing, and not adhering to basic trail etiquette or road laws. Renter is responsible for all damage to property and vehicles.

Also, major additional damage to the vehicle can be caused when it is driven after it has been tipped or rolled over. When an accident occurs (no matter how big or small, slow or fast, minimal it may seem) make sure you call our office to ensure additional damages aren’t created within the motor. As an UTV rental company, and for the safety of future renters/riders we are REQUIRED to keep your deposit until the vehicle has been fully inspected and repaired. There will not be an estimate at the time of the incident and the process for repair and invoicing can take up to 14 business days. The operations manager will reach out to you regarding your repair and cost for damage.

Remember folks, these vehicles are not cheap to repair. We want our customers to be safe and happy with their ride. We ask that you come to LCRE to enjoy the sites and to please bring the vehicle back to us in the same condition in which you took it. You will be responsible for any damages to the vehicle that are not from basic wear and tear.

We do a full walk-around of your vehicle before you leave just like any other rental company. We take photos before you leave and when you return. We certainly encourage you to do the same.

LCRE reserves the right not to rent or terminate your rental session for any reason.

Enjoy your Desert UTV Excursion!