Red Cloud Mine Guided UTV Trip


  • $650 per rented UTV – With you driving & 1 passenger. (Each UTV seats up to 4, add’l passengers can be added during checkout, at a nominal $35 ea. to satisfy the mine admission fee).
  • Price includes Guide/Veteran miner & surface mine admission for 2.
  • Day Tour- Average tour duration – 5 hrs.
  • Twilight Run TBD – Phosphorescent Mine Tour (Limited Special Event). 5 hrs..
  • GPS equipped with group tracking and communication.
  • Ages 21+ to Rent, 18+ to Drive.
  • Departs from Fishers Landing, check-in at the Event Office.
  • Helmet w/Face shield provided.
  • UTV is equipped with a small cooler. Ice and bottled water included.

Twilight Mining!

Red Cloud Mine Phosphorescent

Red Cloud Mine Wulfenite

Group Tours

Entrance to a Miners House

Scenic Desert Lookouts

Desert Trails

Black Rock Mine

Mine Pit Road

Mine Pit

Working Mine


Smiling LCRE Guide

VIP Tour Details

VIP Mine Tour – Red Cloud Mine is in the “Silver District” started in the 1800’s as a silver and lead mine. This tour takes you through a portion of the AZ Peace Trail to one of the most remote mines in the area, it’s quite the trip. You will travel trails through foothills, trails, and sand washes to get to your destination. Quite often you will see big horn sheep, donkeys, raptors, and possibly the elusive chuckwallas, especially in the morning hours. Your experienced guide will be with you the entire trip, and time permitting, he may also make some unscheduled stops along the way. Once you arrive at your destination, you will be given a guided tour of the facility and surface mine.

The tour encompasses the mine surface, mine dumps and tailings, and opportunities to sift tailings. When available, you may purchase previously discovered specimens for a nominal fee. The mine tailings are rockhounds dream, the longer you look, the more you find!

If you wish to sift through the tailings for souvenirs, you may bring your own containers to transport your specimens home.

Pro Tip: Sift through the tailings after a rainstorm, the minerals and wulfenite are easier to spot.

7 pm Twilight Run – Join us for a once in a lifetime Phosphorescent Mine Tour with Lower Colorado River Excursions & the World-Famous Red Cloud Mine.
As we depart from Fisher’s Landing, be on the lookout for an amazing sunset and wildlife as we follow our knowledgeable guide through the silver district. Our first stop is Black Rock Mine where we will sift through the tailings looking for 7 different colors of minerals, we call the rainbow minerals.

Next stop is the Red Cloud Mine where we descend into the “pit” and stop and go through tailings looking for some treasure. You do get to keep what you find! This night ride is one of a kind and an experience you will not forget. You may bring your own container such as a bucket or rugged bag to transport your specimen’s home.

Please note: Portions of the mine tour are located on rugged terrain, and you must be able to walk up and down a few grades that contain loose gravel. It is highly recommended that you bring a hat, sunglasses, and wear long pants. Closed toe shoes are mandatoryand must be suitable for walking in sand, rock and gravel. If you plan on rockhounding, we also suggested that you bring some or all of the following: Work gloves, rock hammer, a filtered longwave and or shortwave UV light (scorpion and blacklights are longwave, but lack the filtering to see all fluorescents), a small flashlight. Appropriate polycarbonate eye protection is provided by LCRE.

A covered lunch area with a concrete floor is available at Red Cloud Mine. Due to the extreme remoteness of the mine, there is no running water, Internet, or phone service. Any transactions conducted at this mine are cash only.

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