Painted Desert Trail UTV Tour, Yuma AZ

QUICK DETAILS – Painted Desert Trail Guided UTV Tour

  • $275 +tax per rented UTV – You drive, each rented UTV seats yourself & up to 3 additional occupants.
  • Difficulty Rating: Easy
  • Guided UTV Trip – One of our most popular tours!
  • Duration is approximately 2 hours.
  • GPS equipped with group tracking & radios.
  • Scenic lookouts (bring your camera).
  • Restrooms and shaded picnic tables enroute.
  • Ages 21+ to Rent, 18+ to Drive.
  • Departs from Fishers Landing, check-in at the Events Office.
  • Helmet w/Face shield provided.
  • UTV is equipped with a small cooler. Ice and bottled water included.

Painted Desert Trail Sunset

Painted Desert Trail Turn

Painted Desert Red Hills

Scenic Lookout

Colorado River North

Colorado River South

Taking it all in!

They get dusty!


Painted Desert Trail Loop

PDT Pit Stop

Tour Details

One of LCREs most popular tours. Your adventure starts with a brief check in and orientation at LCRE followed by a guided tour of the Painted Desert Trail system. The trail is also part of the famous AZ Peace Trail. Your guide will be with you for the entire duration of your trip. Your offroad tour includes a 30-minute stop at the Painted Desert Trail loop, as well as stops at multiple scenic lookouts along the Colorado River.

This tour is great opportunity for you to take photographs, with potential for wildlife viewing. Your Guide will lead the group to the Painted Desert Trail and to a 1.4-mile trail (walking loop). It takes an average of 31 min to complete if you walk the full loop (you can walk as much or as little as you wish).

The trail takes you through a rainbow of colors left by 20-30 million year-old volcanic activity and features a panoramic view of the Colorado River valley.

At the Painted Desert Trail loop there are restrooms, as well as shaded picnic tables that you can use for eating any food and drink you may have brought with you. you will have ample time to take in all of the awesome beauty along the trail, especially the spectacular lookouts!

Please note: While there is a designated walking trail at the loop, a small portion of the trail is considered semi-rugged terrain, you must be able to walk up and down a few mild grades that may contain loose gravel and sand. It is highly recommended that you bring a hat, sunglasses, and wear long pants and closed toe shoes suitable for walking in sand, rock and gravel. The Painted Desert Trail loop is maintained by volunteers and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Tips for the Guides are appreciated!