Castle Dome City Mines and Museum

QUICK DETAILS – Castle Dome Mine & Museum Tour

  • Guided VIP Mine and Museum Tour – Available October 1st, 2023 – May 1st, 2024
  • $825.00 per rented UTV, with you driving & 1 passenger.
    (Each UTV seats up to 4, add’l passengers can be added during checkout at minimal cost).
  • Price includes 1 UTV & Mine Tour Guides, the mantrip ride, guided underground mine tour, with entrance to the underground florescent mineral wall, all-day Museum admission for 2.
  • Day Tour – Average Tour Duration 8 hrs.
  • GPS equipped with group tracking.
  • Ages 21+ to Rent, 18+ to Drive.
  • Departs from Fishers Landing, check-in at the UTV building.
  • Helmet w/Face shield, complementary bandana provided.
  • UTV is equipped with a small cooler. Ice and bottled water included.

Castle Dome Mining Bldg

Castle Dome City Museum Store

Castle Dome City Church

Castle Dome City Main Bldg

VIP Tour Details

This tour is simply amazing! Castle Dome Mine and Museum features renovated & re-created buildings portraying life in a circa-1878 mining town. The buildings are themed and loaded with relics and collectables from the era. Must see is the infamous Broken Blade Saloon, with the undertaker right next door. There is a tremendous amount of mining items to look at and places to explore during your trip.

The crown jewel of this tour is the underground mine, this mine tour is ultra safe. Your guided tour of the mine starts with a descent into the depths in a real mining car. Once you have descended to the base of the mine you will be allowed to explore select sections of the main shaft and exhibits.

The highpoint of the underground mine tour is a visit to the florescent mineral wall, its a natural wonder with a once in a lifetime viewing of a spectacular natural light show that makes for a memorable trip to the Castle Dome Museum. This is reported to be the most spectacular mineral walls ever viewed. Please, no samples nor flash photography of the mineral wall allowed!

Castle Dome has an area with shaded picnic tables that you can use for eating any food and drink you may have brought with you.

Are the stories true, is the town really haunted? You be the judge.

Please note: While there are designated walking trails, some of the self-guided areas of the mine and museums are located on semi-rugged terrain, you must be able to walk up and down a few mild grades that may contain loose gravel and sand. It is highly recommended that you bring a hat, sunglasses, and wear long pants and closed toe shoes suitable for walking in sand, rock and gravel.

Due to the extreme remoteness of the mine, there is no internet or phone service and all transactions at the mine are cash only.

Tips for the Guides are appreciated!