Betty's Kitchen UTV Picnic Trip

QUICK DETAILS – Bettys Kitchen Guided UTV Trip

  • $575 per rented UTV – You drive, each rented UTV seats yourself & up to 3 additional occupants.
  • Guided VIP Tour, price includes Guide.
  • Day Tour – Average tour duration 5 hrs.
  • GPS equipped with group tracking.
  • Ages 21+ to Rent, 18+ to Drive.
  • Departs from Fishers Landing, check-in at the UTV building.
  • Helmet w/Face shield, complementary bandana provided.
  • UTV is equipped with a small cooler. Ice and bottled water included.

Laguna Dam Road Bridge AKA Swastika Bridge

Bettys Kitchen Spillway

Mittry Wildlife Area

Bettys Kitchen Waterway

Bettys Kitchen Foothills

Bettys Kitchen Wetlands

Tour Details

This has been quite a popular tour over the years. Your trail guide will take you through desert sand washes, as well as an extensive trail system that takes you up and down and through the foothills. You will travel down trails that are frequently visited by the roaming herds of big horn sheep and donkeys. And while they are quite rare to see, occasionally the wild horses are sometimes spotted in the area too.

Once you have passed through the foothills, which can be challenging on their own, your guide will take you to the Betty’s Kitchen Interpretive area, which is surrounded by heavy vegetation and access to water that attracts herons, songbirds, waterfowl, and egrets.

You will also see the Laguna Bridge, AKA the “Swastika Bridge”, built in 1907 to control flooding in Yuma. This tour offers plenty of seat time in your UTV. Restrooms and a shaded picnic area are available at Betty’s Kitchen. After an approximately 30 min break at the picnic area, that you can use for consuming any food and drink you may have brought with you, your guide will bring you back to LCRE, through the foothills of course!